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ELITE IIT AND NEET ACADEMY in Asscoiation with                    CARRER POINT


Elite Academy is a new edge Residential System to make Eductional experience of the students Truly Transformational. Aims at holistic development of a child through Best Academics, Best Personality Grooming and Seamlessly intergrated education with competitive examination preparation.

Kota Study Material
The Study Material solution is a Rajasthan based company which mainly deals in providing the best study materials for the coaching institutes individuals. In this competitive world everyone wants to achieve the glory of success. For this purpose we are providing study materials having phenomenal Quality. These materials will definitely help students to learn excellent and give their best.


Focus on Conceptual Learning 
Conceptual Learning involves students engaged in quality learning experiences based around key concepts and central ideas rather than using the more traditional method of focusing on learning on topics.

Daily Practice Papers
The CBSE Class 12 Practice Papers 2023 are an essential resource for students preparing for their final exams. These practice papers are designed to help students get a better understanding of the type of questions that will be asked in the actual exams and also to help them assess their level of preparation.


Weekly Test Series (Offline/Online)
Understanding proper time management. Familiarizing and revising the concepts. Familiarizing yourself with the final exam environment. Boosting your self-confidence.

Study Hour by Senior Faculty
A study schedule helps you reduce studying stress by providing you with enough time to rest and assimilate. Many people read hastily when their exams are close, but this can be stressful. With a study schedule, you can read in segments and still cover a lot of ground without putting pressure on yourself.


Daily Doubts Sessions 
All doubt clearing sessions are interactive, which means the communication is a two-way one. Asking doubts helps the tutor assess your level of understanding of a concept while it clarifies the concept for you. Thus, it builds a better student-teacher relationship.

24/7 Surveillance and Supervision 
If you are concerned with regards to unauthorised intruders entering the school premises, CCTV cameras can be a fantastic security solution. Sadly intruders can be a serious issue for schools, as without security systems an intruder could potentially enter the school premises undetected.

School building.JPG

Separate A/c Classroom blocks for Girls and Boys
One of the principal reasons for educating boys and girls separately is that, if they are together, they can distract each other. After puberty, boys can be strongly attracted to girls and vice versa, and this can result in disruptive conduct in the classroom as, for example, they show off to one another.

Hybrid Class Rooms - Equipped With Smart Boards
Improve Student Engagement: Unlike traditional classroom teaching where a teacher only speaks or writes to explain, smartboards can be used to present a wider variety of additional media. This makes it easier for students to associate lessons with different concepts and understand the curriculum more effectively.


Spacious and State of art classrooms
Art instruction helps children with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness. Visual arts teach learners about color, layout, perspective, and balance: all techniques that are necessary in presentations (visual, digital) of academic work.

Separate A/c Hostel Blocks For Boys & Girls
Hostels are great places to make friends while traveling and to have a more social experience. Plus, they're one of the cheapest types of accommodation, so you get to save money during your travels. Most hostels have dormitories where you would share your room with other people.


Optimum Batch size 40 students per section
An optimal classroom environment has a classroom climate full of energy, participation, movement, spirit, respect, learning, sharing, reflecting and big goals for everyone individually and collectively.

According to the National Institutes of Health, scientific evidence shows that yoga supports stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss and quality sleep.

yoga 01.jpg

Well equipped Library and Labs
Library offers the resources and encourages the thinking process, creativity, inquisitiveness and makes the learning more fruitful. The function of library is to provide textbooks, references, periodicals, research conducted till date on various subjects to students, teachers and researchers.

Nutrionist Supervised Homely Food
A well-balanced diet for improved behavior and learning environments. Students who eat well arrive at school ready to study. Because a better diet makes students healthier, they are more likely to miss fewer classes and attend them more regularly.

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