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Book Club: If you enjoy reading and want to make sure that the hustle and bustle of a busy high school schedule doesn’t prevent you from engaging with good literature, join a book club at your school. Book clubs are great for getting great book suggestions and keeping you accountable for keeping up with your reading. You’ll be able to engage in critical discussions of each book, allowing you to share your thoughts with other like-minded classmates.


Creative Writing Club: Want to write short stories, novels, be the next J.K. Rowling? A creative writing club is a good place for you to start. By joining this club, you’ll find that your writing skills really improve as you will be able to practice writing constantly and receive helpful feedback from your peers.

Student Government: If you really want to be involved in your high school community and plan important events like dances, pep rallies, etc, consider running for student government (also known as student council in some schools). As a freshman, you’ll probably be in charge of planning and executing events related to your class, giving you some great project management experience and allowing you to become very connected with your fellow classmates.

Quiz Bowl: Quiz Bowl is a competition that tests players on a wide variety of academic subjects.This would be a great club to join if you want to use some of the information you learn in your classes in a competitive setting, if you are a trivia buff, or if you are really good at memorising facts.


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