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The Way You Hold Pen While Writing Says A Lot About Your Personality! Know What Yours Say About You

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Have you ever noticed how you hold your pen while writing? Well, most of us may never have because we are so used to taking out our pen, gripping it between fingers and start writing. Everybody has a different style of holding a pen. While some people clench it between their thumb and index finger, which is the traditional style, some grip it in such a way which seems quite strange to us. So what's special about that? Well, psychologists say that the way in which you hold your pen can reveal a lot about your personality. Mental Illness To Pregnancy, 9 Health Warnings That Can Be Depicted Through Your Handwriting There are many different ways in which an individual's personality has been linked to certain physical parts or activities he does and this is one of them. The way we hold the pen has a lot to say about our personality. Also, people frame opinions about you by looking at the way you are holding your pen while scrawling something on paper. Here, find what does it says about your personality. 1. Pen between the index finder and middle finger It says about your personality that.. You are a very sociable and outgoing person. You like to meet new people and also like to surround yourself with people most of the time. But, at the same time, you need freedom and space to live the dream. You also like to keep calm in most of the situations and also don't like hurting people. Have You Heard About The Art Of Lip Reading? Know What Your Lips Tell About You When you are in love, you don't like a big drama. You would rather prefer a relaxed and comfortable environment. You are compassionate and easily forgive your partner because, for you, the relationship is more important than ego. What do people think of you? The way in which you hold a pen, show people your strong creative side. They love that you are fast and expressive and they appreciate your special talent for art. People think that you too cautious and, due to sensitive nature, tends to worry too much. They sense that you are intelligent and that's why they envy your adventurous spirit. We all Know about Palm Reading, Know the Art of Foot Reading and how You as well can read your Feet But they are also attracted to your representation of harmony and justice. Looking at you, they wish they were as good at people skills as they see you. 2. Pen between thumb and index finger It says about your personality that.. You are a very honest person and you pride yourself on that. You have a very good intellect for choosing good and bad for yourself. You are a very gentle person and always feel like to be accepted by others. You try to do things that won't leave a negative impression on people. You are curious forever. Your Nose Tells A Lot About Your Personality! Know What Your Nose Says About You When it comes to love, you are a shy person that is why you tend to suppress your feelings. You are not a selfish person, so you expect your partner to treat you well in the relationship. And you get that treatment because of your honesty. The way A Girl Hugs A Boy Reveals Many Things About Her Personality And Their Relationship What do people think of you? For other people, your style of holding pen shows that you are a sensitive and a generous person. You have a big imagination and you're quite intuitive and forever curious. You are enthusiastic but can be very impatient sometimes. You have a good sense of humour that's why you can make people laugh by doing little efforts. 3. Thumb wrapped over pointy finger It says about your personality that.. You are dreamy and have great expectations from life. You need people around you who understand you and make you feel happy, secured and loved. You are an over-thinker and sometimes thinks way too much then it is needed. You are sensitive at heart that is why you harbour a fear of being hurt. Not Only Face And Lips But Your Fingers Can Also Tell A Lot About Your Personality When in love, you tend to think too much. You always want someone on your side you are afraid to really let anyone in. You try to act cool as you don't want to look like begging for attention. Know about your Future Predictions in just one click, Find it by First Alphabet of Name: Part 1 What do people think of you? Your style of holding a pen is quite unique that is why people see you as creative and talented. As you have a friendly nature, people envy that you make friends easily. However, they appreciate that you are generous and love that you are clever and confident. Due to your confidence and overall persona, they think that you are a born leader. So, what is your style and what does it say about you?

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